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  The greenhouse effect 
The natural greenhouse affect allows life on Earth to survive. Without the heat retaining greenhouse effect it would 30 degrees C colder on this planet. That tells how powerful the greenhouse gases are at retaining heat.

Because of the greenhouse effect adding more GHGs to the atmopshere must increase the temperature of our planet. It is that simple and that definite. 

The 'greenhouse effect' is not in fact the science of how GHGs affect the planet's temperature. 
The GHGs in effect 'trap' heat from the sun in the lower atmosphere (like a greenhouse) because GHG molecules actively heat heat energy. 
Scientists say it more like a blanket effect around the earth. 

They are heat radiating gases because of their atomic structure- dipole effect. 

Short wave solar energy (light) passes through the atmopshere not affecting the GHGs. 

Solar energy is absorbed by the solid earth surface warming it- which radiates long wave infrared (heat) energy.

This heat energy is absorbed by GHGs energizing them to (re-) radiate heat energy in all directions (they actually vibrate). 
This warms the lower atmosphere which warms the surface of the planet -more. 
Adding GHGs to the atmosphere is like turning up the power to the electric blanket. Trapping more GHGs in the atmosphere in fact powers up/increases energy in the atmosphere and so the biosphere. Earth is put out of energy balance.  

If the electric blanket gets too hot it can be turned off and cools down quite quickly. 

For the Earth to stop being warmed emissions of long lasting GHGs like CO2 have to stop.  But because CO2 lasts so long in the atmosphere it takes for ever for the Earth to stop warming completely. Both CO2 and nitrous oxide last for 100 years or more.  

Physics also says that increasing GHG heat radiation in the lower atmosphere increases the energy in the atmosphere and so the climate system energy. 
The science of global warming is the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a definite fact due to the greenhouse gas molecule atomic dipole property
Natural and enhanced greenhouse effect in one picture. National Science Academy
So the closest analogy is an electric warming blanket
around the planet. 

Adding more GHGs is like turning heat the heat to the blanket. 

The more GHGs are added to the atmopshere by emissions and the longer the GHGs last in the atmosphere the more will be the global warming.

It's the law - of physics.  Nothing else can happen. There never was any debate about adding GHGs to the atmosphere causing global warming. 

More GHGs is more energy in the atmosphere - energizing the biosphere. 
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