Sustainability/sustainable development is the future.

Any future development from now on depends on global climate change. ​​

There can be not future for us burning fossil fuels- it'/s that simple and that definite ​

To prevent global climate catastrophe putting an end to civilization and humanity we have to think in terms of the future- thousands of years into the future.

The global warming temperature increase, climate change, sea level rise and ocean acidification will all last thousands of years. 

The global temperature increase at any time is committed increase at least another 75% (IPCC AR5 WG1) , because of the great inertias and momentum built into the climate system. 

This page includes organizations and research focused on the future and addressing  climate change. 

This illustration shows the combined result of research (eg. Planet Under Pressure IGBP) on many sustainability  indicators. All global environmental pollutions and degradations are increasing driven by global constant  fossil fueled economic growth. We have to drastically change all these trends while sustaining economies or the future will crash. 
State of the Future 
The Club of Rome is a leading expert think tank group that researches discusses and reports on the future,especially  with respect  to sustainability.
It commissioned the first Limits to Growth research in 1972 and continues to be involved in promoting this work
The Millennium Project is the main project focusing on the long term future. (This is not the UN Millennium Project focused on reducing the numbers of people living in poverty). It publishes a huge annual State of the Future Report drawing on large numbers of experts in various fields around the world. The 2009 report attracted attention because it was the first time that the collapse of civilization was considered, which involved climate change as one of the dangers. . 
The World Future Council is a a newer  NGO focused on the ignored rights and interests of future generations 
Facing the Future is a (US based) education curriculum resource combining big picture issues focused on he future. If we don't transform education the future will crash. 
350.org is future focused because if atmospheric CO2 is not brought down 350ppm there will be no future. 
Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations. NGO Germany based. Sustainability means future generations must have rights. In our civilization they explicitly do not. 
Future Generations Party. An idea from Canada- provides background information. 
Climate Change Knowledge.
Donella Meadows Institute systems sustainability.
UN sustainable development platform
Greenheart Education Canada