Climate Change Knowledge

Other Good Climate Learning Sites 

Meridian Program
One man site and program - a brilliant holistic systems thinker. Leader on catastrophic dangers of feed backs. Knows what is needed. As an IPCC reviewer, he complained the IPCC reports are watered down - too compromised, and conservative.

Recognizes the climate planetary emergency, that we must get below 350pp, that the true climate sensitivity for policy making is double the 3C currently being used, and that anything above 1.0C is a catastrophe.

World's top climate change scientist,
believes scientists must speak out on the ethical aspects of the issue.
His site has his papers & presentations. Latest is must read.
The great multidisciplinary scientist of our time, recognized that climate was a threat to our survival long ago. He now declares that we have left it too late, but we must do what we can by putting drastic emergency measures in place.
Andrew Glikson
Australian Earth and Paleoclimate scientist. School of Archaeology and Anthropology, Research School of Earth Science, Planetary Science Institute. Has published his own science papers on the climate emergency on the internet.
John Holdren (US)
Worlds top scientist on climate change impacts and policy. Now adviser to US Obama administration.
Recognized that we are at risk of a global climate catastrophe. 
Will Steffen (Australia)
One of worlds top climate change experts.

Adviser to the Australian government..
Robert Watson (UK)
Top world climate change expert.
Past Chair of IPCC
Lord Nicholas Stern (UK)
World's top economist on climate change. Chaired the 2006 UK Govt Stern Commission Economics of Climate Change (climate change assessment). Now states that latest science shows estimated damages are double the 2006 assessment. 
RealClimate is a commentary site on climate science  by working climate scientists. Mainly for scientists on current research issues. Excellent site search. 
Climate Communication is a site by working climate scientists specifically for the general public.