The Climate Change Knowledge

 Climate  Catastrophe - Planetary Emergency

National Geographic and UN Foundation video - Catastrophic Climate Change
Best  climate change video (from IPCC 2007 assessment). Records current catastrophic risks
SM TV and International Organization.  Leader on planetary emergency awareness and of the catastrophic risks from the Arctic, and methane in general. The SM NGO put on major SOS climate conferences in most major cities of the world. She says Arctic methane feedback could end most life on Earth. 
Small Canadian NGO
. Calling for emergency response SINCE 2008. Recognized the emergency in 2007.
Excellent on emergency science. Excellent library
As Al Gore (The Inconvenient Truth) and James Hansen published several years ago today's committed global climate change has reached planetary emergency proportions, but in general governments and the scientific community is not  warning the world that this is the situation. This makes sources that do explain the planetary emergency particularly important. 
Al Gore's 2006 book, An Inconvenient Truth 
was the first publication to explain that the world was in a state of planetary emergency. 
Book 2010
In 2008 James Hansen make a public presentation affirming the climate change planetary emergency. 
His book 'Storms of My Grandchildren' of 2010 made it even more clear that an emergency existed for all life. 
Andrew Glikson's Blog Collection of Australian  paleo-climate expert monograms showing planetary emergency situation.
Canadians For Emergency Action Against Climate Change
Excellent site for papers, articles, and posts showing emergency situation.
Climate Emergency News: Up to date climate emergency news.
Climate Change Emergency Medical Response
Site calls for humanitarian emergency response. Good science 
evidence for emergency.  
Meeting the Climate Change Challenge, John Holdren. Since 1997 John Holdren has been advising the US government and the scientific community that the dangers of global climate change were extreme and being dangerously under-estimated. 
Since 2006 John Holdren has been giving this presentation  showing the world is far beyond dangerous of GHGs and now facing the risk of global climate catastrophe, requiring immediate action. 
Campaign Against Climate Change
Activist UK  grass roots organization. Calls for zero carbon. Lobbies governments
Yarra Valley Climate Action Group near Melbourne Australia focus on the climate emergency
Climate Action Center 
Site for Climate Code Red action. The best book on the climate emergency.
Planet Extinction
Top site for the science behind the climate change planetary emergency
Climate Crisis Coalition
Top site on appraisal and attitude to the emergency crisis. Top site for global networking.
Based Mass. USA

Climate SOS
US based and focused. A US news and networking rather than learning site