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Top 100 climate change web resources
(of all kinds for education from
Wow! NOAA & Science On a Sphere global climate imagery ​and current data 
NASA Climate Change Vital signs of planet
Climate 101; understanding the basics of climate science, 2015 impacts and what we can do about it
 IPCC AR5 video compilation of the three of public video reports by the working groups
​of IPCC AR5 2014.
2014 Royal Society &
​National Academy of Sciences

Climate change science animation​ 
Wikipedia global warming is excellent 
Koshland (NRC Science Museum) excellent comprehensive interactive images
March 2017 New Scientist Most people don’t know climate change is entirely human-made
Best Greenhouse Gas Animation
​ by Kurz Gesagt
​How do GHGs actually work? 
Evidence from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans, tells an unambiguous story: the planet is warming, and this warming has been driven primarily by human activity—predominantly the burning of fossil fuels.
US National Climate Assessment

1st Prize Elon Musk's Unbelievably Simple 12-minute Killer Break Down on Climate Change
Search all organizations agreements, statements plans and opinion ​ with latest news
The Climate Web
​Huge linked site
United Nations 
UNESCO climate​
UN links Action
​for Climate Empowerment Guidelines
​​UN CC:Learn   UN Climate Change Learning Partnership
Data State of Our Climate
Climate Communication:​science outreach.
GHGs EPA back door to EPA climate 
Climate Change Indicators: another EPA back door​
Students Guide EPA​
UK Met Office Climate Guide
World Bank Turn Down the Heat  3 sections 
1.5C Please note: since the Paris Agreement the recognized global warming limit is 1.5C (no longer 2C)
Grist very IPCC 2014 5th assessment short version in points
IPCC 2014 AR5  2 page Headline Statements
​in UN languages
Best VIDEO lecture Dr Hugh Montgomery .
IPCC Oct 2018 1.5C Report, press release and Headline Statements 
IPCC Oct 2018 1.5C Report,
Nature Journal Earth's Climate: Past, Present, and Future
​ (unique massive resource)